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Players of the betting company Melbet often have the need to delete the account. For example, before 2017, the need to delete a lot more often. Can I permanently delete my Melbet bookmaker account? It is possible to close the profile and block the account. As there is no direct button in the BC option to delete the profile, and this is understandable because with a major loss a player in the heart can click on it and delete the account without a trace, which is undesirable for the bookmaker and contrary to the rules of the bookmaker's office.

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In this article, let's look at several blocking options: Through the support service. The player can delete the account if the following conditions are met:

  • On the balance is 0;
  • There are no uncalculated bets;

To delete the account, you need to write a letter to technical support, in which to describe that you need to close the account. You can not describe the reasons for leaving verbatim, just indicate that there is no more time to make bets, for example or your own reason. Before this letter, it is necessary to withdraw all money and not to make bets. After closing the account, the account cannot be accessed, but the player's betting history and data are saved. BK keeps the history for its own purposes.

Initiating the closure of the BK itself. The office can close the player's account if he violates the rules of the bookmakers. This will happen in the following cases:

  • Contractual matches.
  • If the player making the bet can directly affect the game
  • If the betting was aimed at circumventing the limits
  • If several accounts are registered by the same person
  • When violating these points, the player gets blacklisted, which is also transferred to other
  • betting companies, so you need to be careful with this method, because then it will be difficult to bet at other bookmaker's offices.

Player inactivity. If within 3 months, the player has not taken any action on the account, the account may be closed. Before this, the support service sends a reminder, with a request to activate or the account will be closed. This is designed for the irascible players who, when they lose, delete the account and then decide to play again a day later. It would take a long time to restore, re-verify, and so on. So such players are given time during which they can change their mind - and come back.

If there is a constant desire to come in and bet, it is enough to simply change the password to a character set. Then it will simply be physically impossible to enter the account, there will be no financial transactions, and it will be automatically deleted after a while.

If a player makes bets through the phone, and especially players who make them "under the influence" very often, in the morning, want to delete the Melbet account, because they lost large amounts, but the cherished button in the application is not there. In this situation, all the above means are also suitable. But there is one, very effective option - just delete the mobile app, and forget about it.